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Are you concerned with your skincare regimen? Do you ever find yourself trying to apply several skincare products in order to take care of all aspects that need to be treated on your skin? You are not alone.

A 2017 survey performed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) collected data from more than 2,000 women regarding daily beauty product use. The survey found unexpected results: on average, women use 9 to 15 beauty products per day. How many of these beauty products are for skincare? A study performed in 2017 among European consumers found that between 60% to 90% of women use at least four facial skincare products every day, including face cream, moisturizer, and face cleanser.

With aging, skin concerns become more and more dominant and apparent, and women have to deal with an even greater amount of skincare issues, such as dull skin, change in skin texture, skin tone, all signs of aging and more. Therefore, as the years pass by our skin demands more attention, and women look for more solutions, applying a larger number of skincare products.

However, use of multiple products at once is not only inconvenient, and impractical, but might be inefficient and may even increase the risk of developing skin irritation. Studies have shown that use of skincare products can decrease the pH of the skin for at least two hours following use. When applying multiple products at once we risk combining a variety of acidic agents, thus decreasing the skin pH drastically and causing redness and irritation.

Neox has brought to the market a new, highly advanced anti-aging line of products that addresses a wide variety of skincare concerns for the use of less products at once. Among the products is the NeoMatrix Multi-Active Age Defying cream, based on advanced age management technologies. This multi-active product treats a wide variety of skincare needs while targeting all apparent signs of aging, as well as aging concerns, in order to deliver the most comprehensive anti-aging care: anti-wrinkle, firming, lifting, skin tone unifying ,skin texture correction, hydration, radiance, soothing, nourishment and antioxidant defense.

The product provides an excellent active treatment for women whose skin is aging, and need a deeper and more varied care. Neox Multi-Active products do not replace sunscreen, face cleansers or facial masks. However, they can actively treat skin aging, while taking care of other skin concerns, such as skin vitality, smoothness and nourishment, with optimal effectiveness which is maintained even when applying a multitude of other products.

Contact us for more information on the Neox multi-active line, for an easy and safe way to take care of your skin while reducing the amount of skincare products used each day.

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